For Landlords

It’s like SPEED DATING with Retailers.
We offer FREE listing of shops for lease with an absolutely LOW introductory fee for a successful match!

Whether you are a Landlord, Centre Manager, Commercial Agent, or Retail Developer, RealRetail has been specifically designed to introduce you to pre-qualified Retailers interested in your available opportunities.

Sourcing Retailers’ interest in your shop for lease can sometimes be like searching for a needle in a haystack, and the cost of marketing your site/s can be inefficient. RealRetail matches Retailers seeking new sites to give their brand a new business with the location and features you register. If a match is not found across our registered list of Retailer requirements, RealRetail will make contact with Retailers who may fit this location via our database and affiliate Retailer Associations/Groups. When a match is found the parties are contacted to confirm interest and availability before proceeding to an introduction. Although this service is FREE for Retailers we do seek an introduction fee to Landlords/Agents but only if a deal proceeds. (See Terms & Conditions for Introduction Fees)


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